Two weeks after THAT blog post.

It’s been just over two weeks since we published ‘We need to talk about Norse….‘ and it’s been a really busy time for us. Response The response to the blog has been huge.  The reach via social media and visits to the website have been in excess of anything we’ve ever experienced. The story was picked […]

We need to talk about Norse……..

Norse is Under Threat Sometimes we walk past restaurants, see that they’re no longer open and it comes as a complete surprise.  Often we say “What a shame” and discuss how we didn’t know they were struggling and we might have visited more often if we had been aware.  Well, we are in danger of this […]

New Dessert: Maple Poached Apple

Over the last week we’ve added a new dessert to the menu and we’re really pleased with how it’s come together. We bought a new toy to help us on the prep side too and pound for pound it might be one of the best things we’ve purchased. It’s also the perfect gift for the […]

Can I make this at home?: North Sea Cod

North Sea Cod at Norse, Harrogate

When we go out to eat one of the things we are looking for is for the restaurant to serve something that we can’t make at home.  It doesn’t have to be fine dining – the very best bites we’ve had have come from a diverse selection of kitchens.  Whether it’s a long process, something technically difficult, […]